"Five days prior to my 75th birthday, stage one breast cancer was diagnosed via mammogram, August 18, 2017. A local oncology doctor explained the standard, recommended medical procedure that involved surgically removing the cancer including under arm lymph nodes with possible radiation treatments. It should be noted I was personally responsible for paying all radiation treatment costs. As the oncologist explained, likely side effects involved disfigurement, lymphodema, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, pain and diarrhea. I wanted a better choice. December 15, 2017, I underwent cryoablation at Arizona Breastnet. First and foremost, there were no insidious side effects with expensive radiation treatments. Moreover, there was very little pain and my breast has currently healed without unsightly disfiguration. I was provided the utmost care with a superb staff of qualified professionals who made me feel valued and comfortable. I am thankful for the alternative care opportunity Arizona Breastnet offered and will continue life-long care with Arizona Breastnet."

Peggy R.

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