Digital Mammograms

Arizona Breastnet is one of the few all-digital, full-service breast imaging and diagnostic centers in the Phoenix Valley.

Our all-female staff provides highly personalized quality service to all women.

A digital mammogram differs from the original film mammogram in that it uses a special detector to capture and convert x-ray energy into a digital image. The procedure and appearance of the machine are very similar to a traditional film mammogram, however, the advantages are many:

  • The digital mammography process is faster because we no longer have to wait for films to be developed in the darkroom.

  • The technologist can evaluate the quality of the images as they’re taken, so that patients spend less time in uncomfortable positions.

  • Because the images are digital, darkness, lightness, and contrast can be adjusted for better viewing.

  • Magnification of sections of tissue on the mammogram make it easier to see subtle changes between tissues.

  • The images are spectacular and allow our radiologists to see calcifications more easily, which translates to fewer additional views before a diagnosis can be made.

  • We do fewer compression views to distinguish normal overlapping tissue from real breast lumps.

  • We can deliver even quicker results at the time of your visit.​

Even though the compression process is the same, if there is a necessity to repeat an image due to motion or positioning, it can be done immediately and our patients don’t have to wait.

Once the exam is completed, the radiologist will sit with the patient and explain the results of the exam while viewing the images together on the viewing station. Every patient knows the results of her exam before leaving and any questions or concerns can be handled at the same time.

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