Laura R.

I was diagnosed with a small, localized breast cancer in September, 2017. I had originally planned for a lumpectomy and radiation. However, a dear friend suggested I look into a procedure called “cryoablation” (destruction of tissue by freezing). After extensive research, I decided that it was absolutely the right treatment for my breast cancer.

Dr. Barclay-White and staff were there for me in every sense of the word right from the first visit. I had my cryoablation procedure November 1, 2017, and after the initial minor discomfort associated with the procedure, I was virtually pain-free during my recovery.  I just had my six month follow up and was pronounced cancer-free! Hallelujiah! By the way, I was given those results by Dr. Barclay-White while she was on vacation in California. How’s THAT for amazing customer service?

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Barclay-White, Tracey Peterson, and the rest of the awesome Breastnet staff for providing me this lifesaving, uncomplicated, and breast conserving cancer treatment. I am a loyal Breastnet patient for life!

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