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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect on my visit?
You will be warmly greeted by our front desk staff when you walk through our door.  Judy and Sharon will happily assist you with your paperwork and answer any questions you may have.  
Once your intake paperwork has been completed, they will escort you to our spa-like dressing rooms where you will change into one of our comfy spa robes.  We invite you to relax with available refreshments in our socially-distanced waiting room, while our friendly and compassionate technologists prepare for your exam.
How long will my appointment take?
Breastnet is a unique practice.  We offer complete same-visit imaging.  Our goal is to keep exam times true to appointment times.  Unforeseen additional services do take extra time.  We ask for your kind consideration and patience, as we offer this service to everyone.  Our staff will let you know if we anticipate longer wait times.  Refreshments, wi-fi and other comforts are available to make your visit comfortable.
Will I get my results right away?
Yes!  Sit back in one of our comfortable "Rest & Relaxation" rooms while Dr. Wolf reads the images from your exam.  You will be escorted to her office where she will sit with you, and go over the results of you exam.
Do I need to provide my previous medical records prior to my exam?
In order to provide the most thorough exam, imaging done previously at other facilities needs to be retrieved for the doctor to have the most comprehensive history of your breast health. The absence of these records can lead to additional imaging that would not have otherwise been necessary, an incomplete report of findings and/or a delay in a final report.
Our staff will be happy to assist in retrieving your prior records.  Please let our staff know where those records are when calling for an appointment.
Why would the doctor request additional imaging after my exam?
There are a number of reasons additional imaging would be indicated.  If at anytime during your visit you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to the technician or nurse.  
What should I do if I've discovered a lump or are experiencing pain?
We understand the worry discovering a lump or having breast pain can cause.  Breastnet is dedicated to helping reduce those feelings by scheduling you as quickly as possible, usually the same or next day we are open to see patients.  Your images will be read the same day and you will sit with Dr. Wolf for the results.  Should additional imaging or biopsies be needed, these will also be performed in the same visit.
What if I need a biopsy?
We strive to reduce wait times and will perform your biopsy in the same visit if possible.  We realize that scheduling for a later date, waiting and wondering can increase anxiety.   Most results come back within  1 - 3 business days.  If there is any delay, our staff will communicate that with you.
Does Arizona Breastnet participate in insurance plans?
Yes!  Breastnet is a traditional Medicare provider.  Patients with other insurance plans pay at time of service, and are given all the necessary paperwork to submit an out-of network claim to their insurance carrier.  If at any time during your visit, you have questions about pricing, please let one of our staff know.
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