3D Mammograms

Our state-of-the-art 3D Mammography offers the latest Hologic Genius 3D technology offering a low-dose exam with superior image quality.  We now also feature the SmartCurve™ for a more comfortable patient experience.

With a 3D mammogram, multiple images of your breasts are taken at many angles, giving the radiologist the most optimal and comprehensive information about your breast tissue, to help in the detection of breast cancer.


Over the last several years, focused and dedicated research has been performed in comparing 2D and 3D mammograms. Multiple conclusive medical studies are proving that 3D mammography is superior to 2D mammography in the early detection of breast cancer. This is especially true for patients with dense breast tissue. This means that the radiologist can find breast cancers sooner, at at a smaller size, than was possible before. This early detection in the cancer, means an overall increased survival rate for patients diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as, better treatment options and outcomes.


The new advancements in technology, now also make it possible to decrease radiation dose to the breast tissue. The 3D mammograms performed at Breastnet, are associated with lower doses of radiation than a traditional 2D mammogram. 

Arizona Breastnet is one of the few full-service breast imaging and diagnostic centers in the Phoenix Valley with an all-female staff providing highly personalized quality service to all women.

Once the exam is completed, the radiologist will sit with the patient and explain the results of the exam while viewing the images together on the viewing station. Every patient knows the results of her exam before leaving and any questions or concerns can be handled at the same time.

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