November 6, 2018


Though the turkey typically takes center stage come Thanksgiving, there are endless plant-based options to add to your holiday spread that will impress every guest. Mixing in some healthier options can just be just as delicious, but won’t leave you feeling bloated once the meal is over. Hearty soups, stuffed squashes, veggie-dense stuffings, cashew cream based green bean casserole or mushroom gravies, and roasted vegetable variations make it easy to fill your plate with nostalgic, healthy sides.

These maple delicata squashes are a favorite, because delicatas are one of the few squashes that you can actually eat the skin! The stuffing can be served on it’s own or be made into muffins, if you choose. They highlight lots of seasonal produce like apples, cranberries, sage and of course, the squash. You could sub in any other squash if you prefer, just make sure not to consume the skin if you’re using ones like acorn or butternut.

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As you know I am not a fan of thermography as it misses breast

cancer and routinely detects heat changes in the breast that are not

due to cancer but necessitate further workup.

I was alarmed to hear from one of my OBGYN colleagues recently

many of her patients are opting to have a thermogram instead of a


In October 2017 the US food and drug administration (FDA) put

out an update reminding women that thermography is not a

substitute for mammography. The update stated that

“Thermography has not been shown to be effective in detecting

early-stage breast cancer.” The update said “in fact the greatest

danger from thermography is that those who opt for this method

instead of mammography may miss the chance to detect cancer at

its earliest stage.”

Thermography has suddenly become very much more available in

Arizona since several thermography clinics in California have

been shutdown for false advertising. I fear that Arizona is now

being targeted with a pretty aggressive marketing campaign on


October 2, 2018

Fall is finally here, and with it, comes lots of new, seasonal produce, and heartier, more nourishing meals. Gone are the days of chilled salads, raw veggies and cooling foods, and we welcome rich, root veggies and warm dishes with open arms!

When it comes to autumn dishes, nothing is easier than a meal based in roasted vegetables of any kind. But produce like potatoes, squashes, turnips, beets, carrots and other root veggies are especially perfect this time of the year. Pair them with fresh herbs, spices, garlic, ginger or turmeric and simply toss together with your favorite protein, and you’ll have a beautiful, comforting weeknight meal in no time at all.

This variation is especially tasty with glazed tempeh. Though soy is known to be an issue with some women who have been affected by breast cancer, tempeh is typically mixed with other grains, has a lower soy content, and it’s fermented nature makes it easier to digest and healthier to consume!


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September 7, 2018

I am currently vacationing in Dana Point California. The local residents are complaining about the unprecedented heat but we are very grateful for the 80° temperatures even if the humidity is around 30%. The ocean breezes are so pleasant and you can actually sit outside in the shade!

I have been reviewing worldwide scientific evidence, to date, available on breast cryotherapy and the body's subsequent immune response in advanced breast cancers as I have had several requests from patients across the country seeking cryotherapy for their stage III and IV breast cancers.

As you know we have performed 19 successful cryotherapies on stage1, low-grade invasive breast cancers since April 2016.

I am excited to report to you there is an abundance of pooled scientific data from around the world on patients’ immune response to their breast cancer following cryotherapy. 

We have known for years our bodies can develop cancer cells but these cancerous cells do not ever become a clinical cancer as the bo...